HCAD and Real Property Accounts

We often get calls about why the Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) shows someone other than the actual owner of the property as the owner in HCAD’s system.  HCAD is an agency created by Texas statute that has the responsibility of determining the value of property for taxation purposes, as well as any tax exemptions that may apply to the owner or the property.  HCAD does not determine the ownership of property.  By law, documents affecting title to real property must be filed in with the County Clerk in the county in which the property is located.

HCAD updates their records based on “Request To Correct Name Or Address On A Real Property Account” forms that are submitted to HCAD or by conducting a separate search of the real property records.  In instances where no form is submitted, any change in HCAD’s records is dependent on the frequency with which HCAD searches the real property records and the accuracy of the person transcribing the information.  Based on the potential delay and/or transcription inaccuracy, purchasers of real property are encouraged to provide HCAD with a completed form in order to have HCAD update its records with correct information.  The form should be completed and submitted to HCAD shortly after the change in ownership to allow the new owner to receive any notifications sent by HCAD or applicable taxing jurisdictions.

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