What information does Schedule C of the title commitment contain?

Schedule C of the title commitment contains matters that the title company closer, with the assistance of the parties, must satisfy prior to or at closing in order for those items not to appear as exceptions to the title policy, as well as the disclosure of additional information relevant to the chain of title to the property and the rights of the parties to establish an interest-bearing account for funds being escrowed by the title company.  The language in items 1 through 4 of Schedule C is promulgated by the Texas Department of Insurance, so it is standard in any title commitment.

Beginning with item 5 on Schedule C, specific matters affecting the transaction will be listed.  These items may include the payoff and/or release of liens affecting the property, the payoff and/or release of any judgments affecting the buyer or seller, requirements regarding the documents establishing any entity (Trust, Partnership, LLC or Corporation) involved in the transaction, compliance with court orders affecting the property or parties, etc.  The title company closer will have experience in addressing these matters, but much of the information is in the possession of the parties, so the cooperation of the parties is essential in getting the file ready to close in a timely manner.


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