What is an Abstract of Judgment?

            An Abstract of Judgment is a short statement of the result of a lawsuit that is filed in the Real Property Records to give notice to the public that an individual or entity owes money to another as a result of the lawsuit.  The Abstract of Judgment will list the cause number for the lawsuit, the names of the parties to the lawsuit, the creditor (winning party) and debtor (losing party) and amount that is owed to the creditor by the debtor.  Abstracts of Judgment attach, or become liens against, any non-homestead property that is owned by the debtor and must be paid at the time the non-homestead property is sold or conveyed.  The creditor holding an Abstract of Judgment can request that the court allow the Judgment to be Executed, a process by which the property is sold at an auction to the highest bidder.  Execution of a Judgment will divest the debtor, and any subsequent owners, of title to the property – subject to any liens that predate the Abstract of Judgment.

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